Lecce and surroundings

Lecce is a lively city offering a broad amount of amenities all year long! The Paisiello Theatre, The Roman and Greek Amphitheaters propose many music and drama shows both in winter and in summer; in the meantime, a lot of exhibitions are set up in different locations, such as Carlo V’s Castle and Foundation Palmieri. For the lovers, the antique market and the great number of artisans working in the old town offer the opportunity to feel part of the local tradition.


Lecce is located in a privileged position, between two seas: Adriatic and Ionian. Both the sides of the seacoast are characterized by old Towers ones used to protect the country from invasions.
On the Ionian one, small villages as Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo and Santa Caterina reflects their white sands in clear and azure waters.
While on the Ionian side the sun falls into the see giving colorful sunsets, on the Adriatic coast it rises presenting amazing sunrises. This is the side on which it is told that Enea landed for the first time. There you can admire the incredible village of Otranto, perfectly represented by the imposing Cathedral full of mosaics, and those of Castro and Santa Cesarea.

For nature lovers, Salento offers many protected areas where it is possible to take a walk:

  • Cesine
  • Rauccio Park
  • Salina Monaci

Archeology lovers are satisfied too, thanks to the great numbers of old and small villages telling the stories of ancient populations through the millenary olive trees and the suggestive farms directly coming from the past.


foto focara novoli

All summer long, events follow each other offering local wine and food festivals: during such occasions, luminaries and fireworks cannot be missed.
Among the great number of events, the Focara in January and the “Taranta Night” in Melpignano attract tens of thousands of people from all over the world.


In addition to the natural, architectural and alimentary attractions, Salento and Lecce offer a great variety of events that animate the nightlife.
Many clubs, discos and lounge bar organize parties, happy hours and live music events that give the possibility to increase the pleasure of your stay.

foto Vita notturna


Local cookery do belongs to the “Mediterranean diet” and is based on the high quality go the products: fish, seafood, flour, vegetables, dairy products and meat.
Most representative dishes are homemade pasta with tomato, pasta and chickpeas, parmigiana, baked vegetables, turcinieddhi (grilled lamb small meat pieces), polpette, mozzarellas, fishes prepared in many different ways and pasta with mussels.


All across Lecce, Art tells the stories of ancient societies: Roman, Messapica and Greek, Baroque and Liberty.
The main protagonist of the local architecture is Leccese stone, easy to be shaped, that allowed the development of a different kind of Baroque. In addition to Churches, full of imposing facades and altars, many balconies and old palaces gates attract the look, leaving people speechless in front of how light caresses the stone.

foto Santa Croce